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★ In The End, We Only Regret The Chances We Didn't Take, The Relationships We Were To Scared To Have & The Decisions We Waited To Long To Make. ~Eric Edge
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The Story Of Edgezone Media

My name is Eric Edge, the founder of Edgezone Media. Edgezone Media started back in 1998 as a humble little web design company named Quality Budget Websites. How it came about was not under normal circumstances.

Back then, I was married and had a beautiful son who is my world. Overtime we had a second son and it didn't take long to notice there were some communication and learning challenges. After many specialist appointments we discover they had Aspergers. Their mother became very ill as well from then on suffering with a major depression. It was throughout this time I need to become a full-time carer.

That's when I created a website business, so I could work during the night when they were asleep and take care of them throughout their day and this happened for 11 years until we divorced. I still contribute as much as practical. It was a tough journey and my heart goes out to all who have been through a similar situation.

In 2008 Quality Budget Websites change overtime to Edgezone Media. It's funny how tragedy changed into an amazing blessing and now Edgezone Media is growing from strength to strength with the support of so many treasured clients. 
Eric Edge, Owner of Edgezone Media.
We want to challenge the industry with a better, transparent and affordable way of website design, backed with plenty of training to launch you into the big league.

We love what we do, which is why you will love us. People work with us because of who we are and how we do things. Even though we’re based in sunny Port Macquarie NSW, we help businesses and organisations across Australia and internationally. We’ve been helping business thrive online since 1998.


Eric Edge, Designer / Solutions Provider
Hi. My name is Eric Edge and ever since I can remember, I have loved design, art and anything creative - including food lol. Maybe it has something to do with my zest for life. I have help many businesses and not-for-profits express themselves from all over Australia and around the world. Creativity for me is not a break from regular life - it is my regular life. As your personal web designer, I’ll share with you my love of creativity and easy-to-use websites and powerful online tools that will help your business grow online with confidence. Let's connect and see if working together as a team is a good fit. Don't let fear stop you taking the next step in succeeding online. I look forward to meeting you soon! In Australia? call me direct on 042776521
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The vastness of the internet can be overwhelming for many, until now!

With us you’ll never feel alone and whenever confusion may come your way, we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way. So use our strength, experience and confidence to empower you!

What happens… well it’s wonderful. It all starts with your story.

We listen, we learn and we translate your story into a beautiful online expression of your ideas, and then you’ll learn how easy it is to make changes to the content whenever you want, plus all the training and support you’ll ever need.

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Let Us Help You Take Control Of Your Online World

We love what we do and we love our clients

We design something beautiful and practical, then we setup all the technical stuff and connect your domain and then we empowers you with valuable training on how to change text/images and manage your website, whenever you want, saving your hundreds!
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We've been providing online services for business for many years and as a result we see the thing that need to be achieved for success. We conduct an average of over 2 hours of market research, Google search changes and latest online trends every day. That means you benefit because you don't have to. We love helping you keep ahead of your competition. 
Because of our experience some of our clients want our team to help them do all their online stuff for them so they can do what they are good at and that is to run their business. If for whatever reason (no time or technology challenged) you would find it beneficial for Edgezone Media to completely take care of your online marketing world, reach out to us today!  
Targeting what's the right tasks to focus on is a growing challenge especially when the world is ever changing. One of the biggest changes in recent history is Social media. It's made life more complex for all of us with all it's diversity and demands. With that said, we need to target our advertising/marketing efforts where the community hangs out and that's on many different Social Media channels (Facebook & YouTube etc). You can try to ignore Social Media, but it is not going away and we are here to help teach you what's important and what is not. 

And then on the other hand, Google with all its wisdom continually changes their search engine results algorithms (rules) and therefore, it's imperative we keep up with those changes and comply with the changes they want for websites and implement their requests quickly, with excellence, to prevent a negative effect on search rankings.
Whenever you have a question about nearly anything online, ask us. More often than not, we'll have the answers and we can help explain and make things simple for you to understand. We can make your online world easier if we work together. If you dare, invest in us helping you free up your time and make sure you're competitive.
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