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 .Based in Port Macquarie NSW, Edgezone Media Web Designers and Website Builders help small business across Australia grow online since 1998
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Not All Websites Are Equal

Welcome to Edgezone Media

Performance, efficiency and elegance are the three key elements that make Edgezone Media’s platform unique.

A BIG reasons why "Not All Websites Are Equal" is EDGEZONE MEDIA's Multi-Screen responsive websites.
Every New Website Comes With 3 Websites In 1.
A website specifically for... 1. Desktop Computers, 2. Tablets and 3. Mobile Web-App.
Our Websites are NOT Wordpress Sites. No Updating Plugins & No Security Vulnerabilities. 
Our state-the-art online website content management software (CMS) is the easiest to use in the industry. Just click on the webpage and start typing and it saves automatically. No skills required. These features are standard and makes EDGEZONE MEDIA a World Leader in Website Design. Plus, it doesn't stop there... even after we finish designing, we continue helping you.

Every Edgezone Website Client Receives....

  • Access to our easy-to-use award-winning, state-of-the-art online website builder (It’s not a wordpress site lol).
  • 24/7 Access unlimited self-updating. Eg. Need to change opening times, prices etc... do it yourself in just a few mins.
  • User friendly access to self-managed Search Engine Optimisation SEO.
  • Total bank-like SSL Security Certificate (httpS://) for your website. Plus, an added search engine ranking boost.
  • Tools to personalising your website content for first time visitors, returning visitors, dates and location.
  • ALL the training you'll ever need to make changes to your website and how to use the features. 
  • Plus, you can call support on 1300 177 088 and we’ll quickly help you!
PLEASE READ: At the beginning of 2017.... Google Chrome marks HTTP pages as “Not secure” if they have password or credit card fields. Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the "i" + “Not secure” warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.

If you website visitor see NOT SECURE in the address section of their browser they are most likely going to close out of FEAR. Meaning, by having a website that is NOT secure could lead to missing out on visitors to your website and customer enquiries.


If you currently have a website check to see if it's secure. If not.... maybe it's time to consider a SECURE website designed by EDGEZONE MEDIA? FYI... Here is an a PDF copy of the Google Blog post with the details mentioned above... CLICK HERE!
Let's chat.... call 1300 177 088 or Internationals +61 2 8073 5962 today!

Are You Ready To Get Start?

When we meet each other we'll go through your requirements and plan the items and services you require.
All websites have bank-like security, SEO friendly and specifically designed to work on desktops, tablets & mobile devices. Plus, we back you up quickly when you need help. That's why we are not the cheapest... because we'er simply the best.

Design & Setup

Prices start from $860 for a small website (Depending on your needs) | Full-featured websites start from $3660.
Let's chat.... call 1300 177 088 or Internationals +61 2 8073 5962 today!

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  • “I have found Edgezone Media to be always prompt, courteous and helpful. Maintenance of the website is very easy to learn and use. I can recommend it to anyone who needs to update their own website on a regular basis.”

    Valda Sturrock, Rotary Club of Port Macquarie

  • “27 minutes after our site went live, we had new clients ringing… 27 minutes!!! We have no hesitation in recommending Eric to anyone looking for a relationship with a designer they can trust.”

    Greg Race - Call 02 65835000 - Owner / CPA, GRrace Accountants

  • “Eric of Edgezone Media has has managed my website from day 1. He has always exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Edgezone Media for any of your website needs.”

    Lindsey Schwab - 02 6584 1171 - Owner / Head Chef, Fusion7 Restaurant

  • "Best Services in Town! You have listened to all l have said and have generously delivered a premium quality website that portrays who I am. Now that impressed me ! Bless you Eric."

    Geraldine Starr - 0431 122 804 - Owner, Remedial Massage Port Macquarie

  • Edgezone Media, not only made a website of exceptional quality, but one which attracted the clients attention and enthused them to take action. Eric's training is clear and concise on all aspects of the website and lifestyle coaching, for me to gain the maximum out my business.

    Stuart Symons - 0401 737 486 - Owner, New Financial Solutions

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